App Modules

We Have 3 Modules in Our App

Guardian App

• View details of upcoming/ongoing/post trips, including Student Status (boarded/de-boarded/ obsent) Safety Indicators.

• Receive on instant notification that child has boarded/de-boarded the bus.

• Track child‘s bus journey in real time.

• See ETA (estimated time of arrival) for pick up/drop.

• Algorithm detects driving pattern, and sends alert in case of change in route/delay.

• If child has de—boarded mid way/at the wrong location, guardians can see exact locotion of de—boarding.

• View information of vehicle, driver and conductor.

• Emergency buttons to contact Conductor/School/Police/Ambulance.


Conductor App

• View details of upcoming/ongoing/post trips including route, direction, arrival/departure times & journey log.

• View list of students boarded/yet to board/absent.

• Get notifications of automatic boarding/de-boarding of children done through smart-card.

• Get alerted if child is trying to board the wrong bus.

• Option for manual boarding/de-boording through app (in case smart-card is not being used).

• Get reminders about pickup ond drop of school children.

• Access to emergency numbers (School/Police/Ambulance).

• Option to send trip update notifications to transport manager and parents (e.g.,tyre puncture, mechanical problem, traffic jam, bad weather, student sick, student injured, vehicle accident, etc.)

Admin App

• Manage profiles of school, vehicles, drivers, conductors, attendants, transport manager, admin staff, students and guardians.

• Optimum route creation leading to saving in fuel expenses.

• Live dashboard showing summary & safety statistics, bus list and real time bus movements on map.

• Monitor each bus in real-time including trip start/end time, current status, safety indicator,students boarded/de—boarded/absent, bus movements (on mop) and detailed journey log

• Get real-time alerts on anomalies like delays, route violations, etc.

• Send custom notifications to guardian/group of guardians. View and update payment status of students. Send payment reminder notifications to guardians (if required).

• Manage emergency numbers, school transport policies, etc.

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