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We are a technology-driven organization with our efforts aimed at solving problems through our many innovative solutions.

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Complete in-Transit Solution

  • We are a technology-driven organization with our efforts aimed at solving problems through our maony innovative solutions.

  • Operating out of Jaipur & Pune; we are a team of IITions and seasoned professionals, and through many years of being in the education sector, we have observed closely the challenges faced by schools.

  • To bridge that gap and to make life easier for both schools and parents, we hove developed these solutions after rigorous research and much love.


We’re Better. Here’s Why…

Exclusive features of School Qlik

TS3C - “Tronsport Safety Command & Communication Centre”

Live tracking of each and every bus Exclusive in-bus live streaming State of the art technology One of its kind in school infrastructure

Always with your child

Sending alerts to parents and school right through the journey from home to school and back. Providing peace of mind to parents & school

Integration With School Management

School Qlik provides complete integration with your existing school management software.


Safety365Complete training will be provided to Drivers/ Conductors & other staff of the school. Other regular safety trainings to students & staff for Fire safety, road Safety & more.

Unique in-school customer service solutions

Free dedicated company owned technical staff in the school Handhold school staff Take parents queries on oil working days by company official

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Our Features

Live GPS School Bus Tracking

Parents have complete knowledge & control of their child’s transportation.

Proximity, Pick, & Drop Alerts

Parents are instantly notified when the bus starts and when it approaches the stop.

Bus Overspeeding Alerts

The bus tracking app sends alerts when the school bus exceeds the predefined speed limit.

Add Or Change Routes & Stops

An authorized personnel from the management can add stops and routes for a particular school bus.

Central Dashboard With Real-Time Updates

The school administration can monitor the real-time status and updates of vehicle fleet across multiple branches.

View History of Bus & Student Trips

Authorities can access the digital trails of any student or a bus in the GPS bus tracking app.

Multi-Location Monitoring

An authorized personnel can manage vehicle fleets across multiple branches.

Customized Trends & Reports

The bus tracker has built-in statistical tools. School administration can download customized reports for further decision-making.

Easy Integration of Hardware

It can be easily integrated with access cards, access control systems, and other security hardware.


The school administration receives alerts if the school bus wanders off a geo-fenced boundary.

Emergency Alerts

Authorities receive alerts whenever a school bus is unnecessarily delayed due to any reason.

Bus Attendance

Students scan their access cards such as NFC or RFID on boarding and deboarding the bus.

How It Works

Problems Existing Technlogy Fails To Address & Resolve


Problems Faced By Parents

• Where is my child right now?

• Has s/he boarded the right bus?

• Waiting for the bus for 15/20 minutes is difficult.

• Is my child safe, will s/he be handed over to the right person?

• When will my child reach home?

• Can the bus drop my child at some other location?

• I do not remember the phone no of the transport manager, what do I do now?

• Con someone remind me of the bus locotion?

Problems Faced By Schools

• Safety of students inside the bus

• Completely human dependent transport system

• Dependence on one-way communication

• Is my child safe, will s/he be handed over to the right person?

• Burdensome parent communication

• Attendance management

• Rising fuel expenses

• Rising fuel expenses

• Attending countless phone calls everyday


App Modules

We Have 3 Modules in Our App

Guardian App

• View details of upcoming/ongoing/post trips, including Student Status (boarded/de-boarded/ obsent) Safety Indicators.

• Receive on instant notification that child has boarded/de-boarded the bus.

• Track child‘s bus journey in real time.

• See ETA (estimated time of arrival) for pick up/drop.

• Algorithm detects driving pattern, and sends alert in case of change in route/delay.

• If child has de—boarded mid way/at the wrong location, guardians can see exact locotion of de—boarding.

• View information of vehicle, driver and conductor.

• Emergency buttons to contact Conductor/School/Police/Ambulance.


Conductor App

• View details of upcoming/ongoing/post trips including route, direction, arrival/departure times & journey log.

• View list of students boarded/yet to board/absent.

• Get notifications of automatic boarding/de-boarding of children done through smart-card.

• Get alerted if child is trying to board the wrong bus.

• Option for manual boarding/de-boording through app (in case smart-card is not being used).

• Get reminders about pickup ond drop of school children.

• Access to emergency numbers (School/Police/Ambulance).

• Option to send trip update notifications to transport manager and parents (e.g.,tyre puncture, mechanical problem, traffic jam, bad weather, student sick, student injured, vehicle accident, etc.)

Admin App

• Manage profiles of school, vehicles, drivers, conductors, attendants, transport manager, admin staff, students and guardians.

• Optimum route creation leading to saving in fuel expenses.

• Live dashboard showing summary & safety statistics, bus list and real time bus movements on map.

• Monitor each bus in real-time including trip start/end time, current status, safety indicator,students boarded/de—boarded/absent, bus movements (on mop) and detailed journey log

• Get real-time alerts on anomalies like delays, route violations, etc.

• Send custom notifications to guardian/group of guardians. View and update payment status of students. Send payment reminder notifications to guardians (if required).

• Manage emergency numbers, school transport policies, etc.


Got Questions? Look Here

School bus tracking software is a combination of android, ios and web application that helps school authorities and parents live track the whereabouts of school buses along with vital data.

A school bus tracking system serves as safety and security measures for children travelling in school buses. Authorities are in control of the children on their bus trips. It increases accountability of drivers and bus conductors. It automates bus operations and related processes.

Parents are in control of their children’s school bus trips with real-time information. Alerts reduce bus wait time of their child. They can report any violation by the bus operating staff to the school authorities. This increases staff accountability and gives schools credibility.

Yes. Our GPS school bus tracking software system has a user-friendly mobile app for parents to track the school bus and its activities. For example, as parents, you’ll get alerts when the bus starts for pickup, approaches the stop, picks and drops the child, etc.

Our bus tracker is based on GPS technology that helps in navigating school bus routes. The information is accessed by the parents on their mobile app with regard to their child's bus trip. They receive the necessary alerts. School authorities can perform operations like route allocation, driver profiling, emergency actions, attendance tracking, etc.

Parents get alerts whenever the school bus starts its trip or is late. During any emergency, if the school bus is late beyond its regular schedule, authorities receive alerts and can take timely and necessary action.

We operate pan India and have clients in major states and cities like Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, etc.

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